About Us

Our Company

RMG Learning Solutions came about as a result of frustration expressed by students and parents over the lack of quality, interactive lessons available for their students to reinforce learning objectives, especially in the areas of reading, vocabulary, and study skills.  Although many companies provide games for practice, there is a great need for actual lessons that can be accessed by students and parents at home.

Our company serves a two-fold purpose.  First and foremost we strive to provide materials that enrich a student’s learning experience and provide an opportunity to reinforce concepts already being taught in their educational setting. Secondly, because we are based out of Texas, we discovered that teachers of University Interscholastic League (UIL) events desperately needed more practice materials in the Language Arts based areas.  Our website allows for homeschool and private school students/parents to access materials written especially for them while the UIL section has been specifically written with UIL rules and guidelines in mind.

 About the Owner

Rebecca Gillis

CEO, Founder

Rebecca Gillis began her teaching career in 1986 as a 3rd grade teacher in Austin, Texas.  Since then, she has worked in several states including Arizona, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas.  Her teaching career has included various grade levels.  In 2005, she completed her Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Texas in Tyler, Texas.  She is a Reading Specialist certified by the State of Texas and is also a Master Teacher of Reading.  She is certified as an ESL instructor and works regularly with ESL students.  She also works as adjunct faculty for LeTourneau University teaching classes to aspiring teachers.  She is currently completing graduate level classes to become an Instructional Design Specialist.

Rebecca worked for several years as a curriculum writer for Lifeway publications.  While working with Lifeway, she wrote curriculum for Junior High and High School students.  She also wrote lessons for Team Kids as well as devotional materials for both online and print materials.

Rebecca began working as a writer for Educational Bridge publications in 2004.  She co-authored the book Fast Mapping for Comprehension Grade 5 as well as working as an editor for grades 3 and 4.  She wrote a 5 book chapter book series called the “Jan and Bernie” books which use the idea of Gradual Release to effectively teach Comprehension skills.

Rebecca began working as the UIL coordinator for Tatum Elementary School in Tatum in 2003.  Shortly after that, she realized that there was a need for practice materials that helped new or inexperienced teachers cover UIL skills effectively.  Because of her background, she felt qualified to write practice materials for Dictionary Skills, Listening Skills, Ready Writing, Creative Writing, and Editorial Writing.  Her company Educational Design Consultants provided those materials for several years.  She served as a presenter for the UIL Capitol conference for 4 years.

Upon sensing a need for more up to date materials and a technology based delivery method, Rebecca opened RMG Learning Solutions in 2013.  Using the Learning Module method, RMG Learning Solutions presents skills in an online format that students can access at home or anywhere they have access to a computer and the internet.  Skills can also be reviewed as many times as needed to ensure student success.  Teachers have access to additional review materials and paper/pencil testing in order for students to practice in the format used by UIL.